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Mar 232013

We are lucky enough again this year to have rogueclown continue her stewardship of the wild and raucous “Whose Slide is it Anyway?”

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation? Why do you believe your topic is important and/or interesting to Notacon participants?
as participants, anyone who enjoys public speaking or is curious about public speaking will benefit from signing up for Whose Slide Is It Anyway. all you have to do is bring your moxie, your enthusiasm, and your willingess to spend five minutes speaking off the cuff to your old and new friends at Notacon. you don’t have to prepare slides — i’ve done that for you! you don’t have to sign up in advance — whether this year is your first Notacon or your tenth, speaker roles are open to the first twenty people who sign up at the registration desk.

as attendees, anyone who wants to kick back, laugh a little, and see people give the silliest talks of their lives should come out to Whose Slide. it’s the funniest and most absurd two hours of Notacon.

What about participating in Notacon attracted you the most?
it’s a lot of fun to participate in a conference that attracts and encourages such a broad range of interests from the hacker community. Notacon is a great place to meet new people, exchange ideas, and have a weekend of fun with hackers from all over.

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community.
thank you all for your enthusiasm — and i cannot wait to see what kinds of ideas you get for presenting in Whose Slide Is It Anyway this year!

Join us for this talk and many others as well as games, events and contests at Notacon 10!

Register now!

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