Kids at Notacon! Also, hotel problems fixed!

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Mar 232011

Before I get onto the “kids at Notacon” bit, I wanted to let everyone know that the hotel has fixed the bug in their system that prevented people from booking non-smoking rooms in the Notacon room block. If you are still having problems, or want to make sure that your reservation is correct, please contact Jeffrey Glover at the Hilton Garden in at or via phone 216.373.3805. Thanks for your patience everyone, it looks like we have this one fixed! Also, book soon if you haven’t already since I think we’re pretty close to being sold out!

OK, now onto the big question of the day. Will you be bringing children to Notacon? Would you, perhaps, be interested in a childcare co-op to help look after your little ones while you attend a presentation? Perhaps you’re interested in spending some time volunteering to look after a few children yourself?

I ask because it seems that many of us who have grown up with Notacon have children nowadays. Thus, it might make sense to explore the idea of looking after each others’ children for a few hours so that we can attend that absolutely-must-attend presentation!

If you fall into this boat, or are interested in participating in our childcare survey, please click on


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