Your intro to the demoscene.

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Mar 112009

Planning to attend Notacon and Blockparty this year, but still not entirely sure what a demo is? One of the Notacon presenters is helping you get started by posting a series in his livejournal called the daily demoscene. He also supplies brief commentary on his reasons for choosing to highlight that particular demo or artist.

Also, today was filled with demo programming discussion on our irc channel #notacon. Including the release of the source code from last year’s invite! It is a very rare event for demo source code to be released to the public, and we are very thankful to s_tec of Trailer Park Demos for sharing this with the community. Also, remember to check out the 2009 Blockparty invitation by XPLSV.

We are actively working on compiling links to source code and programming tips to get more people alerted to and involved in the demoscene. Feel free to drop in on #notacon to share your finds or ask for tips and advice. We hold an open chat session every Thursday night at 8pm Eastern, but feel free to stop by any time of day. You can also check out #blockparty on the EFnet IRC Network.

Not sure how to use irc? No problem! Go to the Notacon Wiki and we’ll help you get started!

You can also share your thoughts and questions on the Notacon forums, home of the room and ride share board.

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