Notacon presentations, round one! Who’s next? It could be you!

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Nov 242008

Earlier this month, we released information for the first few presentations. I am pleased with this initial round because I believe it provides a glimpse of things to come in regards to where we are heading this year.

This year, we decided to increase our offerings and added a dedicated track of workshops and hands-on activities to our usual two tracks of presentation. We are also encouraging our community to submit presentations on never before seen topics and cutting edge DIY projects.

Our first round of releases includes Jeon and Treize’s work on hacking cameras, both old and new. Sure, we all take digital pictures these days, but who says you have to follow the rules and use the cameras as they were built to be used?

Next, SigFLUP will show us how to program that Sega Genesis you have sitting in your closet. The presentation will touch on how to develop for the system in C and will include information on sound, graphics and the Z80 microprocessor. Who knows, maybe it’s time to write that Genesis demo you have always wanted to do?

Finally, Lizard is hosting Knitting at (K)notacon, Notacon’s first official Stitch & Bitch. For those interested in less hardware oriented creations, Liz will provide a retreat where knitters, crafters and conversationalists can drop by during Notacon to find some peace and comradery. Feel free to bring your own work, materials and project ideas or stop on by to pick some up.

In order to make Notacon a success and fill our rather ambitious schedule, we need more great proposals! Even if you only have an idea for a presentation, let us know and submit something! We work with potential presenters to focus ideas and provide resources so that, together, we can provide a unique and outstanding experience for everyone involved. Don’t delay! Give us your ideas today! Not tomorrow. Not next week or next month. Today! Remember that CFP closes on January 31st, 2009.

Finally, please spread the word and encourage your friends who are not interested in presenting to secure a Notacon registration at a cheap rate. We understand and appreciate that the current financial situation here in the US and abroad makes money tight. Like you, running Notacon involves ongoing costs that we have to cover one way or the other. Besides, by registering before February 1st, 2008, you can save $10 on a basic and $25 on a premium registration! Also, please check out the pre-registration page for group-rate information, which can get you in the door at $50 per person!

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Additional releases will happen in the near future, so stay tuned!

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