Meet the Presenter: Scott Nordlund

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Mar 222013

For the music minded among us (and those that are just plain curious) can see Scott Nordlund’s presentation, “Algorithmic Composition of Acid House with Lo-Fi Timbres” presented at Notacon 10!

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation?
Anyone interested in music related DSP, or the geekier side of sound synthesis.

Why do you believe your topic is important and/or interesting to Notacon participants?
I’d like to advocate for “computer music” outside of academia. There’s a world of possibilities beyond the typical DAW.

What about participating in Notacon attracted you the most?
I like that people can present interesting topics that wouldn’t necessarily fit into other conferences.

Join us for this talk and many others as well as games, events and contests at Notacon 10!

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