Meet the Presenter: Kadiera

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Mar 182012

Having run Notacon for almost a decade now (!) I have seen the community change, grow and spawn new little Hackers In Training (or as I like to refer to them, HIT Squad members).  The Little Hackers Playdate, organized and supervised by Kadiera aims to bring those little ones attending Notacon to play laugh and learn together.   Parents and kids at heart and welcome to attend and chat about how parenting and hacking intersect.

Who do you feel would benefit most from your presentation?
Parents and other people who are around children from time to time.

What one concept or viewpoint would you like Notacon participants to walk away with?
That we can apply hacking principles to raising children, and that we can raise children as hackers, a viewpoint that will serve them well no matter what they end up doing as adults.

When did you become interested in hacker culture and hacker conferences?
I actually didn’t know hacker conferences existed until around 2006. I grew up in a family of people who fixed things, made things, and tinkered with things, so hacker culture seemed like a natural fit.

What other passions do you have, besides those covered in your presentation?
Special needs parenting is a big part of life around here, with two former preemies, one with a tracheostomy and a ventilator, and one who used to have a tracheostomy and a ventilator. I blog about the intersection of parenting, children with special needs, and non-mainstream spiritual philosophies.

What excites you most about Notacon 9?
Having a weekend with the possibility of actual adult conversation with interesting people.

You can’t attend Kadiera’s playdate unless you’re at Notacon 9! Register now!

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