Notacon & PixelJam pictures

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Sep 062011

Hey everyone, it’s hard to forget that Notacon 2012 is right around the corner! However, I always enjoy looking back at our past events to remember the fun that was had. Robert Bernardo, from the Fresno Commodore User Group, and long time Notacon supported, recently contacted me to tell me he posted some pictures from Notacon 8 and PixelJam. That got me to thinking, what other pictures are there out there that people haven’t seen yet?

Thus, if you have any pictures or write-ups from past Notacons you want to share, let us know! It’s great motivation for all of us as we plan and prepare for Notacon 2012!

AS a reminder, our call for proposals is open and closes in early February. Likewise, registration is open as well. Early registrations go a long way to help us cover a lot of Notacon related costs and bills that add up in the off season.

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