Recycled Rainbow @ Notacon. Friday night’s experience

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Mar 312010

Recycled Rainbow wants YOU to get involved in the performance! On Friday, April 16th, the organizers of Recycled Rainbow will take control over the Notacon ballroom and transform it into a palette upon which YOU can build your own interactive experience!

As part of that interactive experience, they need YOUR images & music to include in their multimedia presentation. Therefore, we are calling out to everyone in the Notacon community to submit all photos & images to by April 15th.

We ask you to wear as much WHITE as possible during this presentation, as it will enhance your ability to interact with the project. White shoes, pants, shirts, hats, gloves … MASKS!

As a bonus, they’ll be DJ’ing music as a backdrop to the presentation (dancing is both permitted & encouraged!) They want suggestions for songs YOU would like to hear! Email them to

So get involved now and start your Notacon experience early. Then join us on Friday night when we dim the lights and turn on myriad projectors for an event you have to show up and build to fully appreciate!

And don’t forget: Friday night, wear white!

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