Presenter Profiles: Janet “Kadiera” Callahan

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Mar 192014

Janet “Kadiera” Callahan is organizing the Little Hackers Playdate at Notacon 11.

Aside from what you do for your job, what are your hobbies, hacking projects or other interests that Notacon participants might be interested in learning about you?

In all honesty, my day job is probably far more relevant than my hobbies.
But I write, I create random artistic things, and I spend a lot of time
learning medical stuff to keep up with my kids’ needs.

What is the biggest takeaway you want presenters to leave with?

Kids can hack too!

What have you enjoyed the most at past Notacons?.

this is not my first Notacon – I think I’ve missed one out of the last
6 or 7. I look forward to the interesting conversations, and to hearing
about topics I’m not going to hear anywhere else.

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community?

Notacon is awesome!

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