Presenter Profiles: Jeremy Brown

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Mar 122014

Jeremy Brown and David Seidman will present on “Microsoft Vulnerability Research: How to be a finder as a vendor” at Notacon 11.

Aside from what you do for your job, what are your hobbies, hacking projects or other interests that Notacon participants might be interested in learning about you?

I’m a Laker’s fan and sad that Kobe isn’t playing this year. 🙁

What is the biggest takeaway you want presenters to leave with?

I want them to leave with the knowledge to start their own third-party discovery / coordination program at their own company, a company which may or may not have a focus on security, but wants to secure the ecosystem to which their software runs.

Is this your first time at Notacon? If so, tell us what you look forward to the most.

Yes, first time. I look forward to seeing the schedule when it’s posted! I look forward to great conversation, educating others with my talk and perhaps an awesome con party!

Any final thoughts or statements you’d like to share with the community?

N/A, I’m not cleared to talk to press 😉  See you there!

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