Notacon Truck Stop Tour 2009!

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Jul 112009

The following is my travel log for our trip to ToorCamp 2009. In case anyone wants to be as crazy and recreate the trip. I recommend testing all your tires before you leave. 🙂

Note ** All times are in Eastern, I didn’t bother to reset my watch.
Cleveland, OH -> Batum, WA

6/30/2009 Location Mileage
11:30a leave lakewood 0
11:50a-12:10p Pilot – Avon, OH 12
2:30p-2:45p pick up Nuxi in Ann Arbor 162
3:30p-4:24p Fazoli’s – Jackson, MI 204
6:15p-6:40p TA – Tower Hills, MI 335
8:57p-9:20p Pilot on 90W in IL W of Chicago (Hampshire?) 477
10:54p-11:15p TA off 34/90/94 Token Creek, WI 578
7/1/2009 Location Mileage
12:56a-1:14a Flying J – Black Falls, WI 700
4:50a-5:10a Holiday – Sawk Centre, MN 954
7:00a-8:00a Gas and McD’s – Fargo, ND 1090
9:35a-9:45a Medina, ND 1213
10:35a-10:50a Bismarck, ND 1285
12:20p-12:30p Dickinson, ND 1385
2:05p W. Glendive, MT 1495
3:10p-4:23p Miles City, MT 1571
5:40p Rest Stop, MT 1647
6:36p-6:55p Billings, MT 1714
8:40p-9:05p Livingston, MT 1840
10:45p-12:00a Denny’s – Butte, MT 1952
7/2/2009 Location Mileage
3:00a St. Regis, MT 2147
5:05a “Au de Arlene or something, ID” 2255
5:25a Van tire failure outisde Cour de Alene, ID in WA 2259
11:10a moving again with tire o/ 2302
11:15a-11:35a McDonald’s
1:30p Toorcamp! 2411

Batum, WA -> Cleveland, OH

7/5/2009 Location Mileage
12:00a Pack out of camp
1:00a Perkins – Ritzville, WA 2642
3:00a Quality Suites – East Spokane, WA 2642
2:30p-3:30p Perkins – East Spokane, WA
5:30p-6:00p St. Regis, MT 2765
8:30p-9:15p Butte, MT 2954
11:42p Random Rest Stop, MT 3119
7/6/2009 Location Mileage
12:44a-1:56a Denny’s and Van Repair – Billings, MT 3186
3:20a Van Repair Attempt – Harden, MT
8:00a Douglas, WY 3431
11:00a 20 miles W of Wall, SD Tire Blow #2
4:00p Leave Wall with 2 new tires (3 total) and food in belly 3678
7:23p Oakoma/Chamberlain, SD 3838
10:28p Cloud 9 Motor Lodge – Sioux Falls, SD 3976
7/7/2009 Location Mileage
11:50a Leave Cloud 9
12:44p-1:55p Touch of Dutch – ?? SD 4016
3:59p rest stop
6:04p gas stop 4233
9:32p-10:48p IOWA 80 Truck Stop 4430
7/8/2009 Location Mileage
12:49a LaSalle, IL 4533
4:47a Fuel near Kalamazoo, MI 4750
6:30a Drop off NUXI in Ann Arbor, MI
7:30ish Fuel near Toledo, OH
9:30a Home 5027
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