Check out Demosplash in Pittsburgh this weekend!

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Oct 192011

The awesome students in the CMU Computer Club, creators of the first place “Le Requiem de Lisa” demo at PixelJam last year are hosting the first ever Demosplash in Pittsburgh this weekend. Here’s what they have to say about it in their own words:

Demosplash is a computer art festival celebrating the history and bright future of the demoscene. We’ll be watching, on a huge collection of authentic hardware, many of the great demos that have been released throughout its history. There will be a general demo competition accepting remote entries and a series of talks on how this crazy hardware works and how to keep it going. Amigas, Apples, Ataris, oldskool Commodores, and more — we’ve got them. Other events too, just a few of which include a lockpicking tutorial and challenge, retro gaming, a game AI competition, and a retro clinic (got a sad piece of hardware? let everyone poke at it!).

This event is held at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh Oct 21-22, runs in parallel with the Art && Code 3D DIY sensing/visualization/Kinect conference and is the same weekend as the Pittsburgh Maker Faire. Join us for the ultimate hack weekend in Pittsburgh!

If you’re in the area, check it out! And when you see those clever CMU hackers, thank them for their contribution to the demoscene!

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