Notacon: Looking Forward

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May 092013

Over the past decade Notacon has grown to become something that not only defines me as a person, but also something that transforms the lives of those who participate in it.  It started as an idea to do something different, which meant focusing on topics that other events weren’t covering.  I believe that Notacon should always be a an event that explores the fringes of creativity, community and technology.

Since its inception, our goal was to have Notacon financially supported by the community it serves.  To make this happen, we invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into the event in an attempt to make it as good as it could be yet still priced at a level accessible to everyone.  Early on, this wasn’t a problem because Tyger’s and my life situation enabled us to shoulder any losses and write them off as the costs of throwing a kick ass party.

Just when we thought we had Notacon in a zone of profitability, the economy turned south, costs went up and we, again, ended up having to bear some of the financial burden of the event.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure my family and I can continue to do so.  With my own costly health problems and unemployment coupled with Tyger’s and my desire to provide the best possible life for our daughter, we are currently in a situation where both Notacon and the Schneiders are near bankruptcy.

Notacon currently owes bank creditors around $11,000 dollars.  In addition, we owe approximately $3000 to individuals.  This does not include the tens of thousands Tyger and I have spent that we are not trying or ever expect to recover.  The revenue from Notacon 10 under $20,000, but our costs will reach $26,000 or $27,000 by the end of our fiscal year.  With revenues decreasing year after year, we try to find enough corners to cut that still allow us to make Notacon the kind of event we want to throw.  Right now, though, we’ve run out of corners.   This puts both Tyger and I in a very difficult position.

That said, I do not want to give up on Notacon.  I believe in it and, more importantly, you our community. Therefore I appeal to you to assist us in putting the company on better financial footing.  This will enable us to follow through with our plans for Notacon 11.   We have a location picked and are ready to sign papers, we just need to know that we can actually afford to do so.

Today we are proud to announce our Summer 2013 sponsorship/fundraising drive.  We aim to raise $7,000 by June 15th, 2013.  The money will be allocated as follows:

–        $1,000 to secure a venue for 2014

–        $3,000 to pay remaining Notacon 10 bills and vendors

–        $3,000 to repay individuals who previously loaned us money years ago.

Any additional funds will be used to both pay down company debts and build a war chest to help cover the costs for future events.

To donate, please go to and show your support today.  Feel free to combine sponsorship items to create your custom sponsorship level.  Likewise, feel free to donate directly via paypal using the address  Those wishing to donate by check can do so by making it out to ‘FTS Conventures’ and sending it to:

FTS Conventures
1453 Wayne Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107

Please spread the word! 

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