Notacon 10 presenter list is now live!

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Mar 032013

First, a big “Thank You!” to everyone who submitted a proposal to present, perform or show at Notacon.  I am always overwhelmed by the amount of interesting and novel presentations those of you in our community send it!  To those that didn’t make the cut this year, we encourage you and everyone else to consider sending in a proposal next year, too.  There’s just not enough time in 2 days to get everything in that we’d like!

The presenter list for this year is linked from our main page and live!  Please note that this list is subject to change.  Within a week or so we will post an initial presentation schedule so everyone can begin planning their weekend!

Following last year’s tradition, we will also begin our series of “Meet the Presenter” interviews starting on Tuesday, March 5th.  We will make an announcement again when those start going live.

If you haven’t already done so, please register for Notacon and book your hotel room.  Remember, booking a room costs nothing and can be canceled a few days before the event if you can’t make it.  Booking a room helps us out immensely and ensures that you’ll have space at the con hotel.  Please book your rooms before March 27th!

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