Next meeting: Wed. Oct 29th @ 8PM

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Oct 142014

The next Notacon planning meeting will take place the last Wednesday of this month. Normally meetings were on Tuesdays, but tyger has roller derby practice that day so it’s a no go for us.

At the meeting i want to find answers to the following questions. Feel free to start discussion in email as well 🙂

  • we are reducing planned presentations from 2 tracks to 1, with the other set up for day-of off-the-cuff presentations based on what else is going on at the event. However, what other things should we plan in terms of programming? Who wants to head them up?
  • what kind of venue and lodging would be most fitting for our programming? We can do a standard hotel, there are still a few to choose from. Or we could try something completely different. What would work best?
  • should we pick a place that closes in the evenings to allow everyone to explore the area?
  • We’ve done electronic badges for the past 4 years. Is this something we should continue or should we go another route? What kind of swag could we offer if we were to do a kickstarter-esque fundraiser?

Hopefully these seeds will get you all thinking! As usual, the meetings will take place virtually either in a google chat/hangout or on irc. Please let me jnow if you need further information.

I look forward to hearing all of your ideas!

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