Notacon Kids

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Feb 162012

After talking with Tyger, we are making an official policy announcement regarding kids at Notacon.

“Our new policy for 2012 is that kids 12 and under may attend Notacon for free as long as they are accompanied by a registered parent or guardian. Please note that while we have some programming for younger people, the event is geared towards and intended primarily for adults. Some content may not be appropriate for children. However, what you wish to expose your child to and teach them is YOUR choice, not ours.”

We recognize that a lot of people that attend Notacon are also parents. We also know that a lot of parents may want to bring their children. In the past we had an unofficial policy of making exceptions when people asked. However, I think we’re to the point where having something explicit makes sense.

That said, we want to state that we will not “dumb down” or ask people to watch what they say or do simply because there are kids present. We simply ask that participants maintain basic civility and decorum with each other as has been our policy since the first Notacon. People acting like asshats will treated appropriately. Likewise, parents should use good judgment when deciding what events and presentations they attend with their children and are responsible for accompanying them at all times.

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