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Thursday Night Notacon Freeview

Starting at 7:00 PM at the Marriott East in Beachwood, OH

Interested in learning more about Notacon, PixelJam and this year’s presentations, but don’t want to buy a ticket until you know more? Attend our annual Thursday Freeview and hear five minute lightning previews from some of our presenters! As the name implies, it is completely free to attend. For an added bonus, you get to see some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making Notacon a success!

So come by Thursday, April 12th at around 7:00 PM and learn more about what makes Notacon a truly unique event. Freeview attendees also receive a reduced admission price to all of Notacon and PixelJam!

Missile Command & glacial23 – Live performance!

Friday night

Missile Command first performed for us at Notacon 9.  Now they’re back and better than ever!  Learn more about them and their music at

glacial23 is a Notacon veteran and weaves noise, sound and synths in unimaginable ways.  Find out more about him at

What’s In The Box?!?

Hosted by Froggy

whatsintheboxRemember the scene from the movie Apollo 13 when the air scrubbers weren’t compatible and the engineers had to figure out how to fit a square peg into a round hole? What’s In the Box?!?, new this year at Notacon, will attempt to extend and embrace the concept.

Up to 6 teams of 2 to 4 people will compete to build a device,  tool, sculpture or other art object using only the tools and objects in the mystery box as well as any previous year’s Notacon badge.

Entries will be due by Saturday afternoon at which time Notacon attendees will vote on different aspects of each piece.  Points can be awarded in the following areas:

  • Technical Excellence
  • Artistic Expression
  • Usage of the box contents
  • Humor
  • Utility
  • Originality

The team members with the overall most points in this contest each receive a Notacon ultraviolet badge.  This badge will allow you free admission to the next Notacon event!

So what might you find in The Box?  The box may contain, but is not limited to: paperclips, construction paper, glue, electronics components, batteries, popsicle sticks, ping pong balls, beads, googly eyes, play-dough, magnets, glowsticks, microcontrollers, etc.

Click here for the complete contest rules and other important information.

If you are interested in forming a team, please send an email to that includes:

  • The team name
  • the names/handles of each team member

Individuals who wish to participate but don’t have any other team members should also contact us.  We will then put all individual participants into teams with other individuals.

All team members must either be registered Notacon attendees, presenters, staff or invited guests.  We suggest each team have one “artistic” person and one “hardware” person as some of the contents will be consist of electronics of some sort.

What’s In the Box?!? is a new contest this year at Notacon.   It is the spiritual successor to our Anything But Ethernet contest from years past.

Hacker Pictionary

New this year is Hacker Pictionary!  Are you good at translating ideas and concepts to drawings?  Are you horrible at it but still interested in making an ass of yourself?  Join us for this night time game!   We’ll have two sessions, Friday and Saturday night.  If you think you might have a mental block, make sure to stop by the Notabar and get something to drink, first…

Cards Against Humanity Tournament

Hosted by Notacon

A complete set of Cards Against Humanity (base set plus 4 expansions) will have you pit your wits and despicable mind against your fellow participants.  The winner will get all of the Awesome Points and glory!  The losers get to bask in their own ineptitude!

Want to run or announce your own event?  Let us know and we’ll post it here!