Sponsorship Opportunities


Notacon depends on community support!  Be a part of that community and become a Notacon sponsor.  Many options are available at a wide range of budgets.

You can purchase a sponsorship directly by heading directly to our store, Nerd’s Nook.  We will then contact you and work out the details and particulars of your sponsorship.

Feel free also to contact us at sponsorship@notacon .org if you have any specific questions. We look forward to hearing from you and hope for the opportunity to work with you as a supporter of Notacon.

Thank you for your consideration!

Premier Partners $10,000+
A premier partner of notacon supports the fundamental operations of the organization and may be attached to a specific aspect of the event such as the hospitality suite or one of the presentation rooms. A premier partner wants the highest level of visibility and connection to the event’s participants. Besides named rights to a particular space, we also offer prominent showcase space, large print and online advertisements, and four complimentary admissions to the event


Community Builders $5,000+
Community builders have opportunities to connect with notacon attendees through specific targeted initiatives such as through our badges, lanyards or a specific food event (such as a pizza party). In addition we will provide showcase space, print and online advertisements and three complimentary admissions to the event.


Creative Contributors $2,500+
Creative contributors are those who seek to support notacon by encouraging participants to become engaged with the event and get involved. Examples include event and contest prize sponsorship and support to facilitate the musical and artistic installations provided at the event. In addition to those acknowledgments, we also provide print and online advertisement consideration, table space for promotion as well as two complimentary event admissions.


Sustainable Supporters $1000+
Sustainable supporters provide the fundamental infrastructure and logistical support critical to the success of notacon. There are so many important aspects of jobs at notacon that, while not particularly notable on the surface, are essential to providing an entertaining, educational and unique event. Supporters will receive consideration in the form of print and online logo and message placement, table space for promotional materials as well as one complimentary admission to the event.


Innovative Individuals $500+
We value all notacon sponsors. Innovative Individuals often wish to make sure the event continues and grows. In exchange for this support, we are happy to provide online and print logo and brand placement, as well as shared space for your own promotional materials and messages.


Friends of Notacon

We value all notacon sponsorships large and small. If you wish to contribute to the Notacon cause, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right fit.
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